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        Steven & Valerie Bursten

A Philosophy of Training.

Exciting Windows!
Window Coverings University

Shop-At-Home Selling, making friends, And Building relationships

The most experienced strategic training experts in the window coverings industry provide new insights on their newest ventures, Exciting Windows! and the Window Coverings University

As managers who sold franchises and trained new window coverings sales people before our industry knew the difference between "drape" and "drapery", we have watched the evolving window coverings business in America. Once it was a custom drapery business. "Alternative" products of blinds, woven woods, and non-drapery items are now the majority. Today custom drapery is the alternate, and the "Window Fashions" business is dominated by blinds, shadings, shutters, and systems. The result is to broaden and expand the industry in ways none of us would have seen back in the early 90's. As every change, there are winners and losers. Those who catch the plane beat those who cling to the train.

In some ways - the ways of branded products, commodity selling it is all different today. In other ways - the ways people feel about their home, the pride and approval they seek from family and friends, it is no different today than when the first cave woman placed fur hide on stone walls to soften her home's interior. There is a feeling of pride that runs so deep in human nature that it outlasts transitory product and color trends and is an enduring core to mankind's existence. It is this unshakable, unchanging nature of homeowners that is our North Star guiding all that we do. So long as homeowners want a better environment to raise their children and entertain their friends we will bring a message of building friendly relationships with customers and do all in our power to bring them beauty and happiness in their home through the window treatments they select.

This philosophy is the reason we, along with partner, Steve Wishnow, founded Exciting Windows! as a brand that stands for exceptional shop at home service. It is also the reason for Window Coverings University through which our training philosophy continues and will expand throughout this great window coverings industry.

Our training mission is simple: Target better customers who appreciate quality and service, treat them as friends we want to serve for a lifetime, and build a better, more profitable business above the rat-ace of commodity competitors

If you share these beliefs about making friends, building relationships, and bringing more beauty to a home, more affordably, by artistic window treatments, personally created for the person who lives there, then join us in our education and business mission to spread that philosophy. We pledge our enthusiasm and passionate commitment to make the world aware of it's wonderful option to better itself with exceptional window coverings and exceptional consultants to serve them.

Steven C. and Valerie O. Bursten

Exciting Windows!
Window Coverings University