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Most of us spend very little time in the powder room. So when decorating, be bold, daring and dramatic. If you've always been afraid to use dark, rich colors, this may be just the place for them! Or perhaps you like the idea of a large scale floral print wall covering, but could never find the right place. Well, here's your chance.

Accessories are as important in the powder room as any other room in your home. Try hanging a large picture on the wall, placing antique hooks for finger towels or grouping several small brass "dustables" on the corner of the sink. And of course, candles are always a great addition.

Since powder rooms are generally smaller, lighting becomes particularly important. Remember when selecting your lighting, ambience is as essential as function. Consider adding a mirrored wall. Not only will the room appear larger, but it wall also reflect light, illuminating every corner of the room.


SPLURGE ON COLOR: Try painting one wall an awesome accent color, and you'll be guaranteed to have livened up your entire room.

PILLOW MAGIC: Take one yard and a half of 54" fabric. Fold the edges inward, and "diaper" an old tired pillow with your magical new fabric. In the wink of an eye you'll have a whole new accent pillow to place on your sofa.

TIRED TABLETOP? Select some ceramic floor or wall tile, and use them to cover a damaged table top.

ILLUMINATING LAMPS: Fill a clear glass jar with shells, colored marbles, brightly colored stones or even beach glass, and wire it for a brand new lamp!

MIRROR MAGIC: Cover an old mirror frame with coordinating fabrics or wallpaper to match your new decor.

TASSELS TASSELS EVERYWHERE: Hang fringed tassels everywhere---bedposts, amp shades, fan pulls, picture frames. Tassels not only add some color excitement to your decor, but wonderful texture too!

ACCESSORIZE THAT KITCHEN: Empty soffits:no more! Add silk greenery, decorative plates, soup tureens, pitchers, pieces of artwork, even candles to that ugly bare space above your kitchen cabinets. And the great thing about accessorizing this area of your kitchen is that you can change your look seasonally.

Comfortable Kitchens

The kitchen has long been the center of the home, a place where we can go to get warm, inside and out! Many of us have wonderful memories of watching mother baking, or preparing a family meal. Perhaps for this reason, when entertaining, many guests seem to migrate to the kitchen

Above all else, make sure your kitchen-decorating scheme reflects your personality. Are you a gourmet cook? Then consider incorporating those unique utensils and gadgets into your decor --- espresso tools, spice graters, whisks, copper molds, etc. --- all make great kitchen accessories. Other items may be hung on the walls for twofold purposes - decorating the kitchen, and making the items more accessible. Be sure to cover your walls with solid vinyl wall covering for easy cleaning. Today's vinyls are available in a wide range of colors and styles to fit any decorating scheme.

Then once you've created your new kitchen, sit back, relax and enjoy your guests in the warmth of the heart of your home - the kitchen.


Too often adding the finishing touches to your decor becomes the biggest challenge. As the final step in most every decorating project, accessorizing will add life and interest to your room. Your true decorating personality can come alive if you plan wisely. Too often, this area of home decorating is totally overlooked and under-budgeted. Combining beautiful, quality, and costly furnishings with bargain basement accessories is like serving a fast food meal on your finest heirloom china!

Accessories come in two main groupings: functional and decorative! Yes accessories can be functional! Items like lamps, lighting fixtures, telephones, clocks, fireplace screens, mirror, pillows and books all fall into this functional category. Decorative accessories, on the other hand, are items chosen not for their usefulness, but only for their appearance. Paintings, plants, sculptures, family pictures, ceramics items, pottery, and most antiques are examples of decorative accessories.

Where to begin? Try selecting one simple decorative accessory as your key piece. Perhaps a beautiful painting, area rug, or tapestry will set your accessory stage. By determining the mood and style you wish to create, this one piece of art, can act as a "road map" for your accessory plan.

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